BMW S62 Engine

The high performance BMW S62 was manufactured and fitted to the E39 M5 and E52 Z8 cars. The engine is a 4.9 litre 4,941 cc V8 configuration. The S62 V8 block shares the M62’s basic architecture but is equipped with larger 94 mm cylinder bores compared to the M62’s 92 and 93mm cylinder bore diameters. The crankshaft was stroked from 85mm to 89 mm for incresed torque which resulted in a displacement of 4941 cc.

The cylinder heads are re jacketed for cross flow cooling as is customary in most M division engines. Air to the cylinders is channeled through eight individual throttle butterflies, one for each piston bore.

Bosch Motronic port fuel injection is utilized. Fuel pressure, at up to 5 bar. The S62 is BMW's first V8 engine equipped with Double VANOS system that varies the valve timing of both intake and exhaust valves.

VANOS mechanisms are located at the front of the cylinder heads and fed by 100 bar (1,450 psi) of hydraulic pressure used to actuate VANOS is produced by two dedicated oil pumps; one for each cylinder head. Valve timing is varied over a range of 60 degrees in terms of crankshaft rotation. The cylinder heads include hollow camshafts of nodular cast iron for reduced inertia. The S62 is fitted with 35 mm intake and 30.5 mm exhaust valves.

A forged five main bearing crankshaft with counterweights receives special weighted metal plugs for extremely fine balancing. Connecting rods are forged as one piece and also balanced from end to end. Balancing pads are also placed on both small and big ends of the connecting rods for balancing. The conrods are fracture split for the best possible fit as has become customary with all BMW engines.

Piston design is unique to the S62 motor. Engineers designed specifically shaped cutouts in the piston crowns for the intake and exhaust valves. Each piston design is unique for each cylinder bank. The compression ratio is 11.0:1.

In addition to the main oil pump, there are two scavenging or suction pumps, one for each cylinder bank. Valves are fitted to reroute oil extraction points to two locations, the outer sides of the heads and sump, thus avoiding oil starvation. Oil is cooled by coolant-oil heat exchangers within the cylinder block.

The engine management system is fitted with a variable tachometer warning zone which reminds drivers that a cold engine should be treated with care. As the engine warms up the LEDs go off to lift the limit in increments of 500 rpm until the warning field begins at its normal 6500 rpm. A stock engine is capable of revving to a respectable 7000 rpm.

The S62 engine produces 294 kW or 394 Hp at 6600 rpm. The engine is easily identified by its large central intake velocity stack chamber cover that carries the ‘BMW M Power’ logo.

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