BMW X3 E83

The BMW X3 is the first generation compact crossover SUV or Sports Activity Vehicle manufactured by the German vehicle maker BMW. In 2006 and 2007 the X3 was the best-selling AWD vehicle in Germany. Notably, the X3 compact which is slightly smaller than its older and bigger brother, the X5 E53, features a larger luggage compartment of 480 liters compared to the X5’s 460 litre capacity.

All models are equipped with the BMW xDrive All Wheel Drive system, with a 40:60 torque split between the front and rear axles and which also has the ability to direct all the power and torque to either axle.

The X3 diesel sales dominated the X3 model line of cars. In Europe, the 2.0-litre four cylinder petrol, a four cylinder diesel turbo is the most successful derivative, and continues with 6-cylinder turbo and bi-turbo diesel engines. The best engine for power is the sport diesel which produces 286 bhp or 213 kW.

The SUV’s came fitted with a wide variety of petrol and diesel engines for various markets as follows:

X3 1.8 diesel N4720 engine; X3 2.0 litre diesel M47TU2D20 engine with xDrive; X3 2.0i N46B20 with xDrive; X3 2.5i N52B25 engine; X3 2.5si N52B25 engine with xDrive, X3 3.0 diesel M57TUD30 engine with xDrive, X3 3.0sd M57TU2D30 engine with xDrive, X3 3.0i M54B30 engine; X3 3.0si N52B30 with xDrive.

In 2005 the interiors were upgraded with more consistent plastic panels. A slightly softer suspension became mandatory and front fenders were constructed from one piece, as opposed to the two piece fenders found on 2004 models. 2005 also saw an 'Open-Door' indicator added to all models.

For 2007, the X3 came powered by the N52 in-line 6-cylinder engines and a face lift was given to the X3 and an X-drive update, suspension adjustments and an engine upgrade. Smaller four cylinder petrol and diesel engines were also added to the X3 range of cars. 2007 also saw the BMW X3 range extended with smaller engines including the four cylinder petrol and diesel options.

From September 2006 the E83 was facelifted with small changes that were made to the headlights, the kidney grilles, front bumper, tailights, rear bumper, and interior, with the most significant change which saw the introduction of the 3.0sd with twin turbochargedengine.

In 2008, the Edition ‘Exclusive’ and Edition ‘Lifestyle’ became available. The M-Sport Package was replaced in March 2009 by the Sports Limited Edition.

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