BMW X5 E70

The BMW X5 E70 is the development name for the current X5 SAV or Sports Activity Vehicle with the E70 donated to the model series. The E70 replaced the X5 E53 and is manufactured at the alongside the new, 2009 BMW M6 at BMW's Greer Plant in South Carolina, the Toluca Plant in Mexico and the Kalinnigrad Plant in Russia.

The X5 E70 came with The xDrive AWD system updates have continued with further improvements for the E70 which now uses a double wishbone suspension the front end. The new generation E70 is slightly larger than that of the E53 model by 60 mm in width and 165 mm in length with a 110 mm longer wheelbase but the height of the vehicle remained the same as the E53 model. The E70 also incorporates a glass panorama-roof, and an optional third row seat which has increased the seating capacity to 7 passengers.

The BMW X5 M is a high-performance derivative of the X5. The M model offers the same utility as the standard E70, with the addition of the V8 M Twin Turbocharged 4.4 liter V8 engine which has figures which develope a very respectable 555 bhp or 414 kW at 5,750 RPM with a peak torque of 679 N.m of output.

The BMW X5 M is the first xDrive all-wheel-drive vehicle from M Power GmbH along with the X6 M. It was on show room floors in BMW dealerships by September 2009 although was only set for sale as a 2010 model. At the time of its launch, it was the world’s most powerful car in its class. It is capable of 0-100 km/h in 4.0 seconds.

The BMW X5 M features the biggest brakes on a BMW production motor vehicle, with 395x36mm brake discs in the front which are clamped by four-piston calipers, and 385x24mm rotors at the rearend with single-piston calipers which are adequate.

The X5 has a hybrid electric vehicle model featuring 2.0 litre 4-cylinder variable twin-turbo diesel engine rated 150 kW or 201 Hp and 400 N.m at 2000–2250 rpm with a 15-kilowatt electric motor driven by a lithium ion battery pack and all this coupled to an 8-speed auto transmission. 

BMW’s E70 line-up included the following engines and the N62 engines included the following power output figures:

The BMW 3.0 litre 272 Hp straight-6 engine; 3.0 litre 306 Hp straight-6; 3.0 litre 265 Hp diesel TT straight-6 engine; 4.8L 350 Hp V8 4.4 litre 400 Hp V8 Twin Turbo engine and 4.4L 555 hp V8 Twin Turbo.

4.8i 2007–2008 4,799 cc V8 engine N62B48 260 kW or 360 Hp at 6300 RPM producing 500 N.m of torque at 3400–3800 RPM.

4,4 2007-2008 4,398 cc V8 engine N62B44 235 kW or 319 Hp at 6100 RPM producing 440 N.m of torque at 3700-6500 RPM or 245 kW o 333 Hp at 6100 RPM producing 450 N.m at 3600 to 6500 RPM

xDrive 48i 2008-2012 4,799 cc V8 engine N62B48 260 kW or 360 Hp at 6300 RPM producing 500 Nm of torque at 3400–3800 RPM

X5 M 2009-2012 4,395 cc V8 twin turbo engine S63 408 kW or 547 Hp 6000 RPM producing 680 N.m at 1500–5650 RPM

xDrive50i 2011-2012 4,395 cc (268.2 cu in) V8 twin turbo N63 B44 producing 300 kW or 402 Hp at 5500-6400 600 N.m at 1750–4500 RPM


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