BMW X5 V8 engine reconditioning

V8 Engines offers BMW X5 e53 and e70 4.4, 4.6is and 4.8 litre reconditioned engines on an exchange basis. With over 30 years of engine building and transmission experience we are your best bet at getting a quality built BMW V8 engine or transmission at a very reasonable price.

We remanufacture X5 engines to specification and have a long successfull history together with a well established and satisfied customer base with over 100 quality V8 engines which we have remanufactured and fitted to various 5, 6 and 7 series BMW cars and SUV's as well as exported to countries worldwide.

We specialize on V8's and have the experience and expert knowledge to take care of your vehicles urgent requirements no matter what the problem relates to. Whether you require engine or transmission repairs or replacement of your engine or heads, block and sump assembly, together with quality parts we can assist you and save you time and money.

It is common knowledge that BMW dealerships in South Africa do not offer reconditioned engines or transmissions exchange service and therefore V8 Engines has filled this much needed service.

V8 Engines are your all in one engine exchange shop that also undertakes repairs and diagnostic and general servicing by qualified experts who will give you the best advice, quality service and new and used BMW spares that can be delivered to your front doorstep, anywhere in South Africa.

We have the long standing experience when it comes to engine and gearbox repair and technology together with decades of expertise, we can therefore provide our customers with a competitive reconditioned engine and fitment.

V8 Engines has M62 (pre facelift) and N62 (facelift) remanufactured motors available, as complete motors or sold as sub-assembly form. When the time arises to fit a new engine or transmission unit to your motor vehicle, contact Nick Ramsay for more information.

We will put you wise to any Q’s & A’s by giving you honest and all the vitally important information to help you make the right choice for your particular vehicle. If you are not familiar with all the mechanical in’s and out’s then you should make use of the internet where you will find an array of informative websites such as YouTube tutorial videos on your engine and/or transmission, new and used parts and various suppliers, motor scrap yards and similar criteria.

V8 Engines advertises with one such service which is a very well known and informative automotive service provider as well as a fantastic ‘Parts Locator Service’ called ‘Looking 4 Spares’. Visit or contact the 1-call-centre on 0861-777722. Your request will be sent out to all relative and participating suppliers in your area or nationwide in South Africa. Whoever has your parts will contact you back. It only takes one call and is extremely effective.

Visit the pages on our website for more information Leave a message on the Contact Us page and we will get back to you with good advice.

Call Nick on 082-4400664 for advice on all your BMW X5 related queries and get a quality reman unit today at a fraction of the BMW dealership prices for new parts.