V8 Engine Suppliers

In 1902, the first patent was taken out on a gasoline injected V8 engine by Léon Levavasseur which he named 'Antoinette' and they were first installed in speedboats and aircraft.

The V8 engine design is a V configuration of eight cylinders with the cylinders mounted on either side of the crankcase in two sets of four cylinders, usually set at 90 degrees to each other, with eight pistons driving a common crankshaft in the centre.

This simple V8 engine configuration has dynamic imbalance problems resulting in vibrations especially in the larger V8 engines. Ever since the V8 engine was introduced they have used a similar crossplane crankshaft with heavier counterweights to eliminate vibrations produced. The V8 engine therefore has better harmonic qualities than the V6 engine and is less expensive to produce than a V12 engine.

V8 engines are used in a wide variety of motor vehicles such as SUV’s or sport utility vehicles, pickup trucks and sports cars. In many applications the V6 engine was derived from the V8 engine designs whereby two cylinders were removed, but continuing the same V angle in order for ease of mass production on the same assembly lines as the V8's and installed in the same engine compartments with limited modifications.

The traditional American 90° big-bore V8 engine is generally too wide and too long to transplant into motor vehicles with a front wheel drive layout and applications are limited to rear wheel drive applications. The shorter and narrower V6 engine is easier to fit into small engine compartments although V8 engines are produced with closer cylinder bore spacings and narrower cylinder bank angles as well as shorter water pumps and electric fans to accommodate the V8 engine in smaller engine compartments.

History shows that V8 engines are common choice and have been popular in all types of automotive racing. Flat-plane crankshafts are popular in race engine design, since crossplane cranks result in uneven firing and the heavy counterweights prevent the engine from accelerating rapidly.

Although the V8 engine was the early choice for aircraft engines, they engine is seldom used in the modern aircraft due to the heavy crankshaft counterweights which are a liability and cooling is problematic, therefore the flat-8 engines are used.

The power of any engine is simply due to air or gasflow, therefore the more air you can flow through an engine, the more power an engine can make. By adding more cylinders to a crankcase makes it easier to flow more air. However, using a turbocharger or supercharger on smaller engines with fewer cylinders can make just as much power by getting more air in and out of the cylinders.

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