BMW X5 e53 M62 timing chain noise

Noisy cam chain quick-fix solution.

Your BMW X5 e53 M62 or e39 540 timing chain noise is probably coming from an engine which has done high mileage, probably in the region of 150,000 km? The engines crankshaft bearings, oil pump, VANOS cam housings and intake camshaft rings, cam chain tensioners and guide rails are all somewhat worn or broken at this stage. Ad it all together and suddenly your engine has surpassed the minimum acceptable clearances in order to maintain the required oil pressure requirements. A rule of thumb is 1 bar of oil pressure at 1000 Rpm and 4 bar at 4000 Rpm. 

The rattling noise you are hearing on start up is usually the cam chain tensioner which has not held sufficient oil pressure since the motor was turned off. Theoretically this means that the cam chain is in a slack state until enough oil pressure builds up to tension the cam chain. A quick fix solution for the rattling cam chain would be to remove the cylinder heads front VANOS cam chain tensioner cover, bank 1, (facing the engine on left side). Using a heavy duty plastic cable tie, firmly pull the tensioner inwards towards the cam chain, firmly taking up most of the slack. Cut the cable tie end off and replace the VANOS cover, tappat cover, coil packs and connect the pick up sensor. Start up the engine and the rattling chain and tensioner noise you were hearing should be a whole lot better.

If there is no improvement or noticable change to the rattling noise you were hearing on start up, STOP the engine, remove all the front timing chain covers and if necessary fit a new camshaft timing chain tensioner set. Usually either one or the other horse shoe shaped chain guide rail, cam chain tensioner, which are lined with carbon plastic liners or the plastic guide rail is worn or broken.

Using a thicker inferior engine oil such as 20W (20 weight) is problematic and should never be used with these engines. The hydraulic lifters are not designed for these engines, which don't like the thicker oil especially in winter, from 15 degrees C and below. Any good quality semi-synthetic 10W40 motor oil is the correct lubricant to use such as Castrol Magnatec for the BMW M62 and N62 engines. The thicker 20W motor oil will pump up one or more collapsed or drained hydraulic lifters and over-extend them which will prevent the valves from seating properly therby causing the cylinder or multiple cylinders to misfire intermitantly.

This can be confusing to even an experienced motor mechanic when starting an engine fitted with new hydraulic lifters. We heat up between 6 to 8 litres of 10W40 motor oil to aproximately 80 degrees C and carefully pour the hot oil into the engine. Start the engine  and run it at approximately 2000 Rpm for about 30 seconds.

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