Engine Blueprinting Part 1

Pistons live in an extremely hostile environment and are considerably the most abused component in any V8 engine. This is largely due to the extreme temperatures that pistons have to endure as well as various other forces and vibrations exerted on them. If they are not going up they are going down and are literally, in a fraction of a second, being yanked back up from an almost dead stop position which can occur over sixteen thousand times a minute.

Your BMW or Range Rover pistons will last a lot longer if they are subjected to a few of the oldest and most widely practised engineering procedures as listed below. These clever techniques have been developed from far and wide by the most knowlegable motor engineers, skilled engine builders, racing teams as well as the DIY performance addicts in search of horsepower. Procedures such as these should be not be over looked but be applied to vital components such as the pistons and connecting rods. The following constitute part of many ‘engine blueprinting’ procedures that we recommend if you want power and reliability.

1. GLASSPEENING or bead blasting simply stress relieves the piston so that they don't find a casting mark, imperfection or nitch that tends to be starting place ffor a crack to begin.

2. HEAT-SHIELDING or ceramic coating, provides protection against excessive heat which can melt a hole in the top of one or more pistons. The weight and thickness of the ceramic coating is negligible and is without a doubt the best solution to shield the pistons crown. All pistons must be glasspeened to remove any trace of carbon and oil before the ceramic coating is applied to the crown.

3. KNURLING the piston skirts creates a multitude of tiny "pockets" for oil to fill which gives better oiling between the skirt and the cylinder wall and is also done to expand the piston by one or two hundredths of a millimeter to fit better in a worn cylinder.

4. DRILLING GUDGEON PIN BOSSES provides the extra lubrication that wristpins need in performance engines. We drill the bosses so that the wristpins are pressure fed oil from the oil ring grooves.

5. PISTON WEIGHT BALANCING involves removing a calculated amount of material from the heaviest pistons in order to equal the weight of the lightest piston in the set so that the stress is distributed equally to the crank.

6. CONNECTING ROD INSURANCE requires basic conrod modifications which are designed to give you more power and most importantly improve the reliability of your engine. It is always an essential component to scrutinize and do whatever it takes to improve the rods status. Deburring, shotpeening, polishing, magnafluxing, resizing and rebalancing the rods ‘end to end’ which more importantly, must, be fitted with stronger rod bolts such as ARP forged bolts.

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