Jaguar S-Type V8 Engine

Jaguar S-Type was marketed by Jaguar for model years 1999-2008, reviving the nameplate of the company's 1963-66 S-Type which received a facelift for the year 2005. The S-Type was produced at Jaguar's Castle Bromwich factory in Birmingham, England.

The first S-Types namely the "X200" produced from 1999–2002. Subsequent models the "X202", "X204" and "X206", (with the last digit denoting the model year), have the Jaguar logo incorporated within the radiator grille and a more traditional 'looped' styling for the centre console.

The S-Type 'R' was developed as a supercharged model which joined the lineup in 2002 aimed at competing with the BMW M5 and Mercedes E55 AMG. The ‘R’ was powered by the newly revised 4.2-Litre V8 with an Eaton M112 supercharger, producing 400 hp or 300 kW; 410 PS. It could accelerate from 0 – 100 km/h in under 5.6 seconds. It was fitted with 18-inch alloy wheels and a wire-mesh grille. The ‘R’ also has a front and rear apron, side-skirts with fog lamps built into the front apron and a rear spoiler. The boot lid was labeled with the ‘R’ badge and both front fenders.

Later models of the S-Type ‘R' had a revised pulley system for the Eaton M112 supercharger fitted which allowed it to produce an extra 20 bhp and the 2003 model was fitted with an electronic parking brake paddle and all new S-type’s were given a six-speed, automatic ZF 6H26 transmission as well as a revised 3.0-litre V6 engine which produced 235 bhp (175 kW). The 2003 model also featured a revised dashboard, centre console, and a grille with the Jag badge to give the vehicle a more Jaguar appearance.

The 2005 model year featured a redesigned front and rear apron, a slightly modified grille, new style rear light clusters, an aluminium bonnet packed with a new 2.7 litre V6 diesel motor producing 207 bhp (154 kW). The windscreen washer jets were incorporated into the windscreen wiper arms.

The Jaguar S-Type was powered by a variety of petrol and diesel engines. When the car was launched in 2002, the car was powered by the Jaguar AJ-V8 4.0 litre motor which was later increased to 4.2 litres. The engines are used in Ford, Lincoln, Range Rover and Aston Martin.

From 1999 to 2002, the rear wheel drive S-Type was equipped with either a five-speed manual or a five-speed transmission. From 2003, the S-Type was produced with either a 5-speed manual gearbox or a six-speed transmission.

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