V8 ENGINE is a professional motor engineering engine reconditioning workshop situated in Sandton, Johannesburg who specialize in the re-manufacturing and supply of Land Rover, Jaguar and BMW V8 motors.

We are suppliers of fully reconditioned V8 engines on an exchange basis for Land Rover Discovery, Range Rover Sport, BMW X5, BMW 5-series, 6-series and 7-series vehicles, as well as Jaguar F-Type, X-Series and S-Type sports and family saloon cars.

V8 ENGINE also offers detailed engine blueprinting procedures for enthusiasts who find the need for increased performance and reliability from an engine. Once the decision has been made to either replace or exchange the engine with a new powerplant, it then becomes important as to what blueprinting procedures are to be followed.

Engine blueprinting is the art of defining engine component tolerances to the minimum. The engine development stages of an internal combustion engine begin from the initial strip down and continue to near completion. Getting the balance right is paramount when you are working on a budget, but if there is no limit to your engine revamping costs then building a blueprinted engine will take extensive planning.

Mass produced vehicles and their engines in particular are far from perfect. When a manufacturer sets out to mass produce a new engine, the design engineers transfer their drawings that will instruct the pattern makers and tooling specialists in the factory. We live in an imperfect world and therefore not all the components that come off the production line meet the engineer’s exact specifications. Machine tools wear and machinery begins to run untrue and when these inaccuracies begin to add up the figures are not perfect.

The assembly line in a vehicle manufacturing plant is no place for a perfectionist. The directors and the staff that run these plants are willing to accept parts that are “almost right”. These engineers have developed a reliable means of determining whether a motor part is close enough to the pattern makers specifications or not. Some tolerances are critical to the life expectancy of the engine and others are not and therefore these engines will only last as long as they are intended to last.

The right parts need to be sourced and ordered for the engine build, hours can be spent at motor scrapyards and spares suppliers during which time the cylinder block, cylinder heads and other remaining motor parts undergo major makeovers in the machine shop. Depending on your understanding and knowledge of ‘how it all works’ and your hindsight as to what modifications your engine requires, then blueprinting your engine is definitely a step in the right direction. Once you have accomplished building a well balanced engine the average man always finds a desire to find another few kilowatts somewhere.

V8 ENGINE offers professional and reliable specialist services in order to suit your specifications and expectations and guarantees all our customers quality workmanship when reconditioning your engine.

Contact Us at V8 ENGINE today and we will get back to you with expert advice on all your motor vehicle repairs, engine reconditioning and diagnostic servicing.

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