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V8 ENGINE is a professional V8 Engine reconditioning and motor engineering specialist workshop that concentrate on the reconditioning and supply of V8 Engines for BMW and Jaguar Land Rover. We offer fully reconditioned V8 Engines on an exchange basis for Range Rover Sport Supercharged, Range Rover Sport TDi, Land Rover Discovery, BMW X5, BMW 5-series, 6-series and 7-series motor vehicles as well as Jaguar F-Type and S-Type sports cars.

With over 35 years of engine and transmission expertise we at V8 ENGINE are your best bet at getting a quality engine built to specification at the most affordable price. We specialize and therefore we have the knowledge and experience to understand your needs, give you expert advice and a turnkey project. V8 ENGINE is your one stop Pro Engine Shop for all your engineering, reconditioning, engine assembly and fitment of your new V8 motor.

We also offer extensively detailed 'engine blueprinting' procedures for customers who are looking for`improved performance and reliability when the time arises. Decisions will need to be made to either repair, replace or exchange your engine, gearbox or automatic transmission for a standard or upgraded unit of which we assist by supplying quality and guaranteed products to the end user.

Engine blueprinting is the art of defining tolerances to the minimum. 'Blueprinting’ development stages on any internal combustion or ‘charged’ engine and it's relative components starts from the initial strip down to completion of the engine which is time consuming and the possibilities are endless. Getting the balance right is paramount when working on a shoe string budget, but if there is no limit, then a fully blueprinted engine takes immense planning and time to get the necessary done. Performance parts need to be ordered, during which time the cylinder block, cylinder heads and valve train, crankshaft, connecting rods and their relative pistons and other remaining parts undergo a major makeover including harmonic balancing.

Whether you own a standard production petrol or diesel powered engine fitted to your motor vehicle, which may be inspired by a turbocharger or supercharger, the engineering process is similar. Replacing or refining standard OEM (original equipment manufacturers) motor parts with hi-performance parts is a choice that yields many positive results which make the difference not only in horsepower but also in your V8 engines reliability and economy.

V8 ENGINE is situated in Sandton, Johannesburg. Get in touch with us today for expert advice from a Pro Engine Builder.

Contact Nick on 082-4400664 or visit our website pages and read our articles for more information on V8 engines http://www.v8engine.co.za/contact-us