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V8 ENGINE is a high performance machining and Pro-Engine Build Shop that specialize on V8 engines. Our shop has in-house qualified machinists who are individual specialists. This ensures that the end user gets the quality workmanship that he would expect and where quality control is always key.

With over 35 years of experience in the automotive industry, V8 ENGINE prides itself with exceptional services, trusted experience and the ability to keep up with the ever evolving market of todays modern engines. We offer our vast knowledge and services to the diesel and petrol powered engine arena.

Naturally aspirated and charged engine reconditioning and assembly are offered and the supply of most OEM and performance motor parts can be sourced if we do not have anything in stock.

Our engineers are extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of standard to performance engineering, engine reconditioning and engine assembly using the best quality parts, housed with state-of-the-art equipment to get your job done right the first time.

N.B We do a wide range of engine blueprinting procedures as well as performance engine tuning for optimum power and economy. We work within your budget to ensure professional services and performance modifications are done to your specification.

Cylinder Head Work

Custom cylinder head rebuilding
Camshaft reprofiling
Magnaflux crack inspection

Pressure testing
Head straightening
Head resurfacing

Three angle seat cutting
Valve refacing and grinding
Rocker arm refacing
Valve guide installation
Valve seat installation
Valve spring testing
Porting and gas flowing
Tig Welding and stitching

Cylinder Block Work

Boring and honing
Align boring and honing
Chemical hot tanking

Magnaflux crack inspection
Cylinder block re-sleeving
Block resurfacing
Crankshaft grinding
Crankshaft micro polishing
Connecting rod resizing
Connecting rod straightening
Cam bearing installation

Other Services

Flywheel resurfacing / lightening
Manifold resurfacing
Thread repair and Helicoil
Shaft straightening
Custom Milling
Lathe Work
Welding – aluminum, magnesium, cast iron, steel and stainless steel

Contact Us today for expert advice on your engine type for all your motor engineering and performance requirements, technical know-how and motor spares for BMW and Jaguar Land Rover V8 Engines and engine reconditioning, no matter what you drive.

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