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V8 Engines is a proudly South Africa engine and transmission reconditioning company that services all BMW motor vehicles and supplies new and used BMW spares which are abundantly spread out across our country and are easy to find if you know where to look and to know which companies to deal with. If you are looking for good used BMW spare parts you will find auto scrap yards and used spares suppliers across the country in just about every town. BMW is a popular and quality vehicle that demands quality spare parts and accessories.

V8 Engines can assist you in finding those sometimes elusive motor spares that you require, easily and efficiently without having to phone around wasting time and not getting what you want. We are a company that is dedicated to solving problems and should you require any BMW spare parts we are your number one BMW spare parts service and supply shop. No matter what BMW you drive we will source parts and accessories for your vehicle and even fit them for you.

We are dedicated to service excellence and quality products. With over 30 years experience in engine building and engineering, as well as new and used spares fields we are your best bet at finding your spares quickly and easily, and we will answer all your questions concerning your BMW. 

CLICK HERE  if you require a reconditioned or used Engine, Gearbox or other spare parts for your BMW car or SUV. Complete our  'Parts Enquiry Form' and  we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

V8 Engines has been supplying spare parts and accessories to the industry for years and we have aligned ourselves with many top name brands associated with motor vehicle repairs, spares and reconditioning services. If an engine or engine part is too well made there would be no market for replacement spare parts as engines, gearboxes and other relative vehicle parts would simply outlast the modern motor vehicle.

The motor industry would collapse including the entire automotive new and used sectors and aftermarket parts manufacturers who also provide recycling of automotive scrap cars essential to not only the automotive industry but also to the fragile environment and future of our planet.

V8 Engines is dedicated to environmental affairs such as the re-use and re-cycling of good used auto parts, thus creating an awareness,  helping to reduce the carbon footprint and combat global warming in modern times.

Help keep our planet earth a cleaner and better place by re cycling all your unwanted motor parts efficiently and responsibly.

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