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If you are looking for a professionally reconditioned V8 engine for your BMW X5, 5-Series, 6-Series or 7-series SUV or family sedan or if you own a Jaguar Land Rover, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Vogue, Land Rover Discovery or Jaguar F-Type, XJR or S-Type motor vehicle fitted with a naturally aspirated, turbo or supercharged V8 engine then V8 ENGINE are the specialists you need to contact about getting a reconditioned engine at affordable prices.

With over 35 years of hands-on experience in a professional and specialized engine reconditioning and engineering arena, we have the confidence to supply anyone with our V8 engines and a guarantee of quality. We offer our clients friendly and expert advice and the repair know-how when it comes to BMW and Jaguar Land Rover V8 engine technology, simply because we specialize.

Our reputation speaks for itself as formidable engine builders and suppliers of complete or short block V8 engines. We also offer supercharged engine upgrades together with the option of various 'engine blueprinting' procedures to suit your lifestyle and your budget. If you have any idea of what goes into building a superior quality engine then you have made the right choices.

Engine blueprinting is the art of defining tolerances to the minimum to get things done right. By demanding only the best quality motor parts and equipment you are a step above the rest and all thats needed thereafter is to talk to the right people and get the parts put together properly.

With our extensive knowledge in the business of V8 engine building, we can confidently assure you of professional services that equate to remanufacturing hi-end, quality engines and  reliable fitment and aftercare services. The quality of our workmanship remains exactly the same, no matter what you drive or we don't touch it!

Should you require a fully reconditioned powerplant or any spare parts for your BMW or Jaguar Land Rover we will ensure that the delivery of the engine, transmission or motor parts is timeous and correct. We have a wealth of new and used replacement V8 spares for your SUV, sedan or sports car at the right price.

Contact us today for advice from a Pro Engine Builder and you can expect to get a sensible diagnosis to your dilema instantly. Together we offer specialist automotive services that you would expect, which are professionally taken care of by automotive craftsmen.

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ook your car or SUV in today for a major service or quotation, no matter which make of vehicle you drive.

'V8 ENGINE' is an independant BMW, JAGUAR LAND ROVER V8 Engine and Transmission Reconditioning Specialist & Motor Spares Supplier, using well known marks simply to designate the origin of the goods and services that we trade in. We are not associated with the brand owners JAGUAR LAND ROVER | BMW AG to ensure that there is no confusion in the mind of the public that we might be. All our rights are reserved.