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Contact Us at V8 ENGINE for all your BMW and Jaguar Land Rover V8 engines and transmission reconditioning, diagnostic service, mechanical repairs and motor spares - Complete the contact us 'Enquiry Form' with your requirements and we will get back to you asap.

Your personal details: Name, telephone number, email.

Vehicle details: Year, make, model, series, engine number, petrol or diesel. 

Engine and VIN (vehicle identification number) can be found on the vehicles licence disc or registration papers.

Description of events leading up to breakdown: How did the vehicle breakdown? Include details of events leading up to the eventual breakdown and/or any other valuable information.

1. Did the temperature guage go up into or near the red, and if so, how long was the  engine overheating or operated for? 
2. Was the engine partially or excessively overheated?
3. Did the oil light come on and if so was the oil light 'on and off' or permanently on?
4. Was smoke or steam coming out of the exhaust pipe, engine compartment or radiator? Did a water pipe or radiator leak?
5. Was the radiator or water pipe replaced? If so, was the  cooling system properly bled to remove air from the system?
6. Was engine oil, radiator coolant or any other fluid visible on the road or noticably
leaking from the vehicle?
7. Did the engine or transmission make any abnormal noises that you can elaborate on?
8. Did the engine or transmission go into "Failsafe Mode"?
9. Could you smell burning oil, plastic or rubber?

The more accurate the information you supply, the more accurate the feedback. From the information we are presented with and as to the eventual diagnosis outlining the extent of damages that relative components have sustained, we can only summise as to what damages may of occured to related components of the engine or transmission. We therefore cannot be held liable in any way whatsoever for giving our expert opinion regarding any information supplied to us.

In order for us to supply you with a full diagnosis it is imperrative that we remove and strip the damaged or relative parts, as necessarry, in order to furnish you with a comprehensive written quotation pertaining to the damages incurred. We will supply you with a detailed quotation and replace or recondition any such part/s as instructed by the owner or responsible person of the vehicle.

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