BMW X5 Power

The BMW X5 vehicle is a midsize luxury SUV manufactured by the German Bavarian Motor Works company or BMW, (Bayerische Motoren Werke), which has been in operation for over 90 years. BMW X5 Power was built to rival the Mercedes-Benz ML series.

The first generation of the X5 or model E53, made its debut in the year of ‘99’ which was the launch of BMW's first SUV or 4x4 Sports Utility Vehicle, featuring four wheel drive permanent all-wheel-drive and was made available in both manual and automatic gearbox transmissions depending on where you lived and was available with both diesel and petrol powered engines.

In 2006 the second generation BMW X5 SAV or Sports Activity Vehicle was launched, famously known as the E70 series, featuring the torque split capable XDrive system 4x4 permanent all wheel drive that was also coupled to an automatic transmission. In 2010 the BMW X5 M performance model was released which was probably the most collectable of the series.

BMW X5 was branded a thoroughbred SAV rather than an SUV. The X5 heralded the shift from body-on-frame to crossovers pinned by uni-body car platforms. Mecedes-Benz M Class had beaten the X5 to the market by a year, the X5’s were the first to use a uni-body chassis in production.

Starting with the X5, BMW's SAV series have since expanded to derivatives of other smaller compact BMW number series models such as the BMW X3 compact luxury crossover thereafter the BMW X6 midsize coupe luxury vehicle.

The E53 was developed at a time when BMW owned the Brittish based Land Rover and aligned many of its vehicles and technologies from the English. It shared many of the components with the Land Rover Range Rovers, specifically the engine and electronic systems to go with it. The entire vehicles entertainment system which included the radio, navigation GPS system, television and all telecommunications systems together with an engine and gearbox auto computer system.

The E70 is the second generation X5 which was manufactured to completely replace the BMW E53 in late 2006 which features many new technological improvements such as the iDrive system and for a first, an optional third row seat, enabling this mighty SAV to carry an extra passenger, making it seven.

The BMW X5 M is a high performance comparison which was introduced to BMW dealerships in late 2009, set for sale for the year 2010 which shared the same engine as the BMW X6 M power, a V8 Turbocharged motor which is capable of producing 555 Hp or 414 kW and 680 N·m of torque low end power.

BMW X5’s were revised for the 2011 year featuring new front bumpers and air intakes as well as a variety of subtle body styling changes which enhanced the vehicle dramatically. For the naturally aspirated engines, namely the N52 straight-6 and the N62 V8 engines, which were replaced by turbocharged powered engines, the N55 single turbo straight-6 engine and the N63 twin turbo powered V8 engines, mated to an elegant eight speed auto transmission for ultra smooth gear changing in any situation giving it a wider rev range.

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