BMW Flywheel

BMW POWER is proud to bring you the highest quality line of dual mass clutch conversion systems available for all BMW’s in South Africa.

We have used multiple flywheel manufacturers, over the years, constantly improving on design and quality. We produce 'one-piece' aluminum and ‘billet’ steel Flywheels that are designed and manufactured to the same exacting standards and precision that customers expect. We also offer unique features not found in competitive ‘Flywheel Brands’ which includes:

  1.  Long lasting friction materials
  2. More consistent and predictable clutch and gear engagements with the ability to handle more brake horse power than most factory setups.
  3.  Replacement of ‘Dual Mass Flywheels’ to a ‘Single Plane’ version of the flywheel that is just as capable of absorbing driveline vibrations and transmitting power as the OEM dual mass flywheels. This equates to, less maintenance and superior reliability and performance.  

The vehicles power drivetrain is key for marrying the torque and power from the motor to the front or rear wheels of the vehicle. This power transfer essentially takes place through the Clutch and Flywheel components. 

Dual mass flywheels come with their problems. Because the flywheel resides on the end of the engines crankshaft, a unit that is too light or too heavy can cause synchromesh wear, clutch chatter and engine damage. Lightweight flywheels lack initial inertia, causing the car to stall when the RPM's drop.   

BMW Power & Engineering has implemented numerous improvements on existing flywheel designs that are CNC machined to factory or custom dimensions for an exact fit. 

  • Billet Steel “one-piece” Flywheels eliminate all clutch and flywheel to gearbox "chatter" reduced vibrations.  
  • Hardened, heat-treated steel friction surface for longer life. 
  • Quality replacement flywheel crank and pressure plate bolts. 
  • Completely ‘zero’ harmonically balanced units.

Many manufacturers claim to balance their clutch and flywheels units, but most ‘Do Not’. 

Nobody would ever consider using a wheel without balancing the rim and tyre together since it would cause the steering mechanism and wheels and the vehicle to vibrate violently. Since the flywheel is the ‘first’ item bolted to the end of the crankshaft, makes it even more important when it comes to balancing. 

Matching the appropriate disc and pressure plate is also an important aspect of our ‘Performance Clutch & Flywheel Systems’ while maintaining street drivability, not just for naturally aspirated BMW’s but also for turbo and supercharged cars.

Turbocharged engines that have to build ‘boost’ due to turbo ‘lag’ and are now finding the ability to transfer power sooner with the decrease in rotational weight. Our BMW E46 M3 uses a ‘Single Mass Flywheel’, heavier than our standard OEM version, so that RPM does not drop too quickly. 

If your vehicle continues to have sluggish throttle response, poor acceleration or is due for a clutch replacement, BMW Power’s ‘Performance Clutch & Flywheel Systems’ can be your ticket to renewed power and reliability.

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