BMW E28 5-Series

The 1980 model decade of cars includes the BMW E28 5-series range which were manufactured between 1981 and 1988 of which 722,328 cars were built. It replaced the BMW E12 in 1981 and was replaced by the BMW E34 in the first year of production in 1989, powered by straight 4-cylinder 1766 cc engine producing 90 Hp or 67 kW or 105 Hp or 78 kW and 6-cylinder 1990 and 3453 cc 125 Hp or 93 kW and 285 Hp or 213 kW engine. The cars were also fitted with a straight-6 diesel engine with a 2443 cubic capacity and 86 Hp or 64 kW and 115 Hp or 86 kW. The wheelbase 2628 mm, length 4620 mm, width 1700 mm and a height of 1415 mm.

The engines fitted to these cars is as follows:

  • 518 M10B18 carbureted engine, produced through 1981/84
  • 518i M10B18 fuel-injected engine, 1984 to 1987
  • 520i M20B20 early, fuel-injected engine, 1981–1985
  • 520i M20B20 late, fuel-injected engine, 1985–1987
  • 524d M21D24 diesel 2.4 L engine, 1986–1988
  • 524td M21D24 turbocharged diesel 2.4 L engine, 1983–1987
  • 525i M30B25 fuel-injected (Motronic injection) 2.5 L engine, 1981–1987
  • 525e M20B27 fuel-injected (Motronic injection) 2.7 L high efficiency engine, 1983–1988
  • 528i M30B28 fuel-injected (LE-Jetronic injection) 2.8 L engine, 1981–1987
  • 535i M30B34 fuel-injected (Motronic injection) 3.4 L engine.
  • M535i M30B34 fuel-injected (Motronic injection) 3.4 L engine, with M-Technic body kit, motorsport seats and unique 390 mm alloy wheels 1985–1988
  • M5 S38 fuel-injected 3.5 L engine, 1985–1988

The ‘baby six’ engines are found in the 520i, 525e and 528e models known as the M20 engine which was equipped with a 12 valve SOHC inline six-cylinder engine. It also has seven main bearing caps and seven cam shaft journal bearings, a rocker arm valvetrain cylinder head driven by a composite rubber timing belt. First available in1976 in a 2.0 litre carbureted version and 2.3 litre in the E21 323i, then 2.5 L in the E30 325i and 2.7 L engines in the 325e and 528e models.

  • The ‘big six’ motor found in the 528i, 533i and 535i ‘i.s’ known as the M30 engine. The M30 is a 12 valve SOHC inline six-cylinder engine design with seven main bearings with four camshaft journals and a rocker arm type valvetrain.
  • Both the BMW 533i and 535i M30 intake manifold from 1982 to 1988 had a ‘3.2/3.5’ castings embossed on the top of the manifolds.
  • The M535i was introduced as a motorsport version of the 535i. The M535i does not feature any unique BMW Motorsport designed drivetrain components but is equipped with an M-Technic suspension. The E28 M535i was introduced in 1984 and unlike the hand built E28 M5, the E28 M535i was assembled on the standard BMW E28.
  • The M5 came with a ‘big six’ engine known as the S38 similar to the M30, but has a 24 valve cylinder head and duplex timing chain and dual overhead camshaft with a shim and bucket valvetrain. In addition the BMW S38 also had six individual throttle bodies and cast aluminum intake plenum.

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