BMW 535i

There have been six generations of the 5 Series sport and luxury cars to date, all featuring different engine, gearbox, interior and body styles and trim. To differentiate between them, they are referred to by their unique chassis numbers, EXX or FXX. The E34 535i was introduced as a 1988 model but was not available in North America until 1989.

Production of the E34 535i and its engine ended in 1993, replaced by the V8 530i and 540i models. Despite the 535i designation and '535i' casting on the intake manifold, the M30 engine found in the E34 535i was actually 3430cc.

The M30 is rated at 155 kW or 208 Hp at 5700 RPM and 305 N·m of torque at 4000 RPM. Other countries such as th USA specifications were 208 Hp. The car can get 17 to 14 L/100 km in city or open road driving.

A limited slip diff was available together with heated front seats as an optional extra. Just over 5000 BMW 535i's were manufactured with the 5 speed transmission packages, making this combination very sought after by BMW enthusiasts throughout the world.

The E34 535i Sport was introduced as a 1989 model and initial production of the 535i Sport was given the M30B35 cylinder engine which ended in 1993. The car was to be succeeded by the 525i Sport powered by the modern M50B25 cylinder engine which had a 24 valve cylinder head.

The 525i Sport was manufactured from 1992 until 1995 and the engine output was 192 bhp @5900 RPM and 245 N·m of torque @ 4700 RPM.

The 535i Sport on the other hand was manufactured from 1989 until 1993. The engine output for these engines was 211 bhp @ 5700 rpm and 305 N·m of torque @ 4000 RPM.

1979 M535i - 3.5 L straight-6 cylinder engine produced 218 Hp or 163 kW

  • 535i/M535i- 3.4 L M30B34 straight-6 engine

  • M5 – M88 straight-6 engine, 210 kW or 282 Hp

High-performance 5 Series - 24-valve DOJHC straight-6, with six throttle bodies, Bosch Motronic integrated fuel injection making the European version 1984 BMW E28 M5, the fastest production sedan in the world.

  • 535i - 3.4 L M30B34 straight-6, 182 Hp or 136 kW which is a 533i bored to produce more torque and equal power.

  • 535is - 3.4 L M30B34 straight-6, 182 Hp or 136 kW which is a 535i with a sport suspension and interior modifications.

  • M5 - 3.4 L S38B35 straight-6, 256 Hp or 191 kW which is a high-performance 5 Series 24-valve cylinder head, DOHC, six throttle bodies, Bosch Motronic integrated fuel injection which was available only in the US and came only in black.

1987–1993 BMW 535i - 3.4 L M30B35 straight-6 cylinder engione producing 155 kW or 208 Hp

1989–1993 BMW 535i - 3.4 L M30B35 straight-6 cylinder engine producing 208 Hp or 155 kW

1996–2003 535i - 3.5 L M62B35 V8 powered engine producing 183 kW or 245 Hp

2008- 535i/xi - 3.0 L N54B30 twin-turbo straight-6 cylinder engine producing 300 hp or 224 kW

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