BMW E46 Compact

BMW 3-Series E46 Compact was manufactured as a 3 door hatchbach vehicle between 2000-2004 by the German car manufacturer BMW and under license assembled by Gaya Motor in Jakarta, Indonesia. The E46 Compact was succeeded by the BMW 1-Series.

The E46 Compact was designed to challenge the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sport Coupe and Audi A3 on the small-hatch sector, this car featured the same suspension, engines and transmissions as the E46 saloon model. Unlike the E36, the E46 Compact came with a special exterior design that sets it apart from the E46 coupe/sedan/convertible/wagon variants even though it remains a BMW through and through.

The wheelbase is 2725 mm, Length 4260 mm, Width 1750 mm and the dry curb weight is 1300 kg − 1,405 kg. The Ti Compact was redesigned in 2000 as part of the E46 series of cars. Many finer details were improved on and the finish was much desired over the E36 Compact series.

The TI/Compact is mechanically identical to the E46-series saloon, estate, coupe and convertible with the only difference being eight inches shorter. The steering was sharpened enabling the car to turn quicker rack than any other 3-Series model made.

The following engines were available for the BMW E46 compact cars:    
316ti     N42  engine straight-4     115 HP     205 km/h     2001 - 2005
318ti     M44  engine straight-4     143 HP     214 km/h     2001 - 2005

325ti     M54  engine straight-6      192 HP     235 km/h     2001 - 2005
318td     M47  engine straight-4     115 HP     200 km/h     2003 - 2005
320td     M47  engine straight-4     150 HP     214 km/h     2001 - 2005


The E46 Compact does not feature styling similar to the rest of E46 cars and the most notable items are the headlights which differ on the Compact models. In 2004, the TI/Compact was effectively replaced by the BMW 1 Series however the 1-Series did not appear in North America until 2008.

In motorsport, the BMW E46 Compact 16 valve 318ti and the various versions of the 318is won overall championships in the endurance racing series at the Nürburgring circuit. Standard cars up to 1850 cc usually has the most entries due to the low costs, and thus slightly more points are rewarded according to the scoring system introduced largely by automobile manufacturers.

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