BMW Parts

BMW new and used parts are readily available throughout South Africa. The BMW brand of vehicles offer many different cars, series and models and therefore, it is vitaly important to note the correct vehicles details of the motor car, such as the make, model, including the series, the year of production, engine or gearbox type and the codes and capacity of the engine, turbo or non-turbo and the colour and trim of the vehicle are all important factors. The engine and VIN numbers can be found on the cars licence disc of the vehicle.

When looking for a particular spare part for you car, bear in mind that the suppliers dont always know or understand what you need, and therefore it is imperative that you supply them with as much detail as possible, making it clear as to what your specific requirements are. Motor scrap yard dealers and used parts suppliers buy cars to strip car parts to sell, often at les than half the price of the new parts. 

'The buyer' must realize that it is up to him/her to understand and know exactly what it is that he or she is purchasing. It is also advisable to take the sample with you to identify if the part/s in question are 'right or wrong'. If you are unsure of what part you should be buying, then this job is best left to someone more qualified.

Buying and selling used spare parts comes with a price and very often parts may look the same but are not. Make sure you know what you are purchasing!

The parts below can be ordered through the V8 Engines spares dealer network. We have over 100 parts suppliers and automotive services to assist in finding your spares. We have the infrastructure to help you get quality parts fast and efficiently, together with service excellence at the right price, saving you time, saving you money. Click Here for your 'Spares Request' Get a quick and safe parts purchase and delivery to your front door step.

Any parts can be ordered through the V8 Engines spares dealer network. We have the following BMW parts and professional automotive services available:

Air Cleaners | Air Mass Meters | Air Flow Meters | Alternators | BMW Engine | Bearings | Brake Boosters | Brake Components | Camshafts | Carburettors | Clutch Kits | Coil Packs | Conrods | Connecting Rod Bolts | Control Arms | Crankshafts | Cylinder Heads | Cylinder Head Bolts | CV Joints and Shafts | Differential | Distributors | Engines | Engine Mountings | ECU's | Electronic Modules | ECU | Engine Bearings | Engine Rebuild Kits | Exhaust Systems | Fans - Electric | Fans – Flex | Fans - Viscous | Flexplates | Flywheels | Fuel Filters | Fuel Pressure Regulator | Fuel Pump |, Gasket Sets | Gauges | Gearbox | Transmission | Head Gasket | Hydraulic Lifters | Ignition | Ignition Coils | Ignition Wires | Intake Manifold | Lifters | Oil Filters | Oil Pans | Oil Pump | Oil Pickups | Pistons | Piston Rings | Pressure Plate | Propshaft | Pulley | Rocker Arms | Rocker Shafts | Rotating Assemblies | Rev Limiters | Serpentine Pulley | Gear Shifter | Shifter Cables | Spark Plugs | Speedometers | Instrument Cluster | Starter Motor | Steering Rack | Steering Box | Steering Pump | Sump | Supercharger | Tachometers | Thermostat | Thermostat Housing | Timing Chain Kit | Timing Chain Covers | Torque Converter | Transmission Coolers | Transmission | Turbocharger | Valve Covers | Valves | Valve Springs | Water Pump | Wheel Hub | Wiring Harness | and all other relative vehicle components for all BMW cars and SUV's.

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