BMW E60 5-Series

The BMW E60 is a model of the 5-Series which is an executive mid-sized sedan vehicle which replaced the BMW E39 which was replaced by the BMW F10 in March 2010. The E60 was available in both sedan and station wagon models with the E61 code being denoted to the latter. A derivative of the E60 is the E63 and E64 which forms the iteration of the 6-Series.

While its predecessor shared many similarities to the 7-Series, the E60 was different from other BMWs in production at the time. The E60 is longer, wider, heavier and higher with a much rounder body than the previous model, which translates into more interior and trunk space with a higher dome making more head room and the iDrive system.

The E60 body was made using aluminium for the front of the car, and steel for the passenger cabin and rear thus making 50:50 weight balance and the car was available with BMW's xDrive system in 525xi, 528xi, 530xi, 535xi, 525xd and 530xd models.

The E60 received much acclaim by prompting aftermarket spare parts for the E60’s. Companies such as Hamann, AC Schnitzer, Hartge and Dinan parts amongst others started to enter the market with a demand for replica E60 parts that were cheaper. Many companies also started manufacturing performance parts to increase the power output of the E60 engines. The BMW M5 was the high performance version of the range, and was one of the highest performance sedans on the market.

In 2005 Alpina introduced the B5 powered by a supercharged 4.4 litre V8 which was producing 500 Hp or 373 kW or 700 N.m of torque at the time and was available only with a 6 speed ZF transmission. The top speed is 312 km/h and can accomplish 0–100 km/h time is 4.6 seconds flat.

The BMW is powered by a 5.0 litre V10 engine. The engine is capable of producing 506 Hp or 377 kW or 520 N.m at 7750 rpm at 6100 rpm with a 0–100 km/h time of 4.7 seconds while the top speed is limited to 250 km/h.

During its lifetime E60 and E61 used 24 different types of engines in 13 models. The first straight-4-cylinder engine used in the E60 and E61 was the 2.0 litre M47 diesel motor which was introduced in the 520d model.

When introduced the BMW E60 was available with a 6 speed manual or Steptronic transmissions. SMG Sequential Manual Gearbox was available soon for drivers who wanted manual gear change without a clutch. During the facelift transition the SMG transmission was replaced by new 6-speed Sports automatic Steptronic transmission which had a smoother gear change.

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