BMW X5 Engines | BMW X5 V8 engine reconditioning

The BMW X5 Engine has been synonymous in the arena of SUV, (sports utility vehicle) and SAV, (sports activity vehicle), throughout the modern world as we know it today. South Africa has a wealth of X5 vehicles driving its roads with both SUV and SAV models which have benchmarked themselves against its rivals as one of the most popular all round sports vehicles on the southern African continent.

The X5 is powered by various petrol and diesel engines, the most popular being the diesel line up followed by the inline-six cylinder engines and the V8 powered 4.4, 4.6, 4.8 , 4.8is and 4.9M motors. The diesels are more restricted to fewer models than the V8 counterparts.

The BMW M62 engine is a V8 DOHC (double over head camshaft) which replaced the earlier M60 motor which was never fitted to the X5 line-up of vehicles. The M62 engine went into production from 1994-2005. The most prolific change that the M62 features is an all new Alusil engine block manufactured for BMW by Kolbenschmidt which featured Alusil cylinder liners and a single row timing chain. In the beginning of 1998, VANOS was introduced to the V8 engine and for the introduction of the X5 range, which stands for variable valve timing, which was added to all the V8 M62 engines. Alusil was well accepted by all BMW enthusiasts as the previously Nikasil plated cylinder liners were problematic due to the sulfur content in fuels which led to the “peeling and pitting” of the old Nikasil cylinder bores.

BMW offered various V8 engine sizes for the X5 range which included:

The M62TUB44 and M62TUB44 which has a bore of 92 mm and a stroke of 82.7 mm and is a VANOS motor.

The M62B46 is a 4619 cc version producing 255 kW and 480 N·m of torque. The stroke is 85 mm and the bore size is enlarged to 93 mm.

The S62 engine or S62B50 is a high-performance variant of the M62 motor. The bores were enlarged to a bore-size of 94 mm and a stroke of 89 mm giving the engine a displacement of 4941 cc. The BMW X5 M high performance variant was introduced in April 2009, and started appearing in BMW dealerships later in that year as a 2010 model. The X5 M shared the same engine as the BMW X6 M and the X5 M which features the first M Power V8 Turbo which is capable of producing figures of 555 Hp or 414 kW and 680 Nm of torque.

In 2010, the XDrive35d diesel engine variant of the X5 was made available for sale in South Africa. The X5 body received an upgrade for the 2011 model year featuring new front bumper and air intakes as well as a variety of minor cosmetic changes.

The petrol-powered X5 naturally aspirated engines in the XDrive30i and XDrive48i, N52 and N62 V8 engines, were replaced with turbochargers, namely the N55 single-turbo straight-6 engine and the N63 engine being fitted with a twin-turbocharger to its mill.

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