BMW X5 E53/E70 engine reconditioning | BMW 645 /E63/E64 engine reconditioning | BMW E65/E66/E67/E68 engine reconditioning

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If you own or drive a BMW X5 E53/E70, BMW 645 E63/E64 or a BMW 745 E65/E66/E67/E68 and your cars motor plan has expired or you have bought a bargain vehicle from an auction without an engine we can help you.

V8 Engines is a BMW V8 engine reconditioning, engine building and engineering specialist workshop that has 30 years of expert knowledge in the field. We concentrate on re manufacturing engines for all BMW V8’s that are uneconomical to repair.

The most common engine problems and failures are motors that have either been overheated extensively whereby the heads and block have endured excessive heat in certain areas, or oil pressure problems which have the largest damaging effect on an engine, rendering the engine unserviceable and too expensive to repair from a BMW dealership perspective.

There are few companies that have the knowledge and experience in the diagnosis and repair and remanufacturing of BMW V8 engines, and particularly the range of motors we cater for as set out above. We have M62 and N62 engines which are available in 4.4 litre, 4.6 litre and 4.8 litre on an engine exchange basis, whereby we swap out 'old for new'. All our engines reconditioned at our factory are subject to a 6 month warranty and a full service maintenance plan which is optional.

If your engine has hit the 200,000 km mark and is showing signs of smoke on start up or making those irritating ticking or knocking sounds or using excessive oil or water then you are probably in line for a new engine or extensive engine overhaul at least. The longer you leave the problem the more it is likely to cost you and if you can nip these problems before they get out of hand you can make astronomical savings as engine knocks usually send one or other engine components through the engine block.

V8 Engines will also assist you in the towing and recovery of all cars anywhere in South Africa as part of our commitment to quality service. We also deliver BMW engines, gearbox and all BMW spares anywhere, nationally and global.

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