BMW 745 V8 Engine Reconditioning

If you own or drive a BMW 745 E65 and your cars motor plan has expired or you have bought a bargain vehicle from an auction without an engine or with an engine that is damaged, V8 Engine are BMW V8 specialists that can help you get a new engine or gearbox back into your car for another 100,000 km’s hereby offering you the option of keeping the car and overhauling it to the specifications you require. This keeps the owner of the car in touch with what has been repaired and replaced on the car.

'V8 Engine' is a BMW engine reconditioning specialist that strives to give its customers the best possible exchange unit for their money. We are an engineering specialist workshop that deals exclusively with BMW V8 engines. With over 30 years of expert knowledge in the field you can be sure that you will get what you pay for. We mainly concentrate on the re manufacturing of all the V8 engines and gearboxes for most BMW's which powerplants or transmissions are uneconomical to repair.

The most common engine problems and failures are the units that have either been overheated or which have run low on oil whereby the heads, block and pistons have endured excessive heat in certain areas. Oil pressure problems have the most damaging effect on any engine or transmission and should therefore be kept well in check.

The engines crankcase, cylinder heads and covers are made from aluminum with the exception of the tappat covers which are manufactured from magnesium. Once these engines are over heated they are usually scrapped by the owner or dealership as they are too expensive to repair. There are few companies that have the knowledge and vast experience to make an accurate diagnosis, offer a competent repair or remanufacture a BMW V8 engine successfully, and particularly for the range of engines that we cater for. We usually have a M62 or N62 engine in stock which are available in 4.4 litre, 4.6 litre and 4.8 litre on an engine exchange basis.

'V8 Engine' are your V8 engine and gearbox specialists that will also assist you with the towing and recovery of your vehicle anywhere in South Africa as part of our commitment to quality service. We  deliver engines, gearboxes and any BMW spares to all corners of South Africa and also provide international courier services.

for your reconditioned BMW V8 Engine, transmissions and engine spares in South Africa.

“V8 Engine” is your one stop BMW V8 engine and Transmission reconditioning and Spares shop.