Used BMW Spares Scrap Yards

Making use of good used motor spares salvaged from BMW motor vehicles and other automobiles and trucks positively alter climate change and global warming effects experienced around the globe.

Global warming is a reality and getting the most out of your BMW is paramount. Making use of good salvageable second hand car parts for your motor vehicle makes sense. Most of these spares have good mileage left in them at a fraction of the price of a new spare part and reconditioning the engine, transmission, diff and other expensive parts is essential to curbing costs in tough financial times and for the sake of global warming is just as important.

Motor industry statistics have shown that since 1997 to 2011 enough steel was recovered from accident damaged and uneconomical to repair vehicles from scrap cars that are dismantled for their valuable good used spares to manufacture and assemble 18.5 million new automobiles.

Did you know, that for every ton of steel recycled 1136 kg of iron ore, 640kg of coal and 55 kg of limestone are conserved in the refinery process. Automobiles produce over 20% of greenhouse gasses and the world association of global dedicated scientists estimate that every decade global temperature will increase by a single degree celcius and should we reach 2 degrees plus in the next 20 years it would benchmark a global warming tipping point which is accelerating beyond expectations. The Greenland ice shelf is melting and is receding by a staggering 40 metres per day, bearing in mind that the ice sheet measures several kilometers thick.

We are required to cut over 18 billion tons of greenhouse gasses a year to stay on the safe side of the two degree tipping point, while China puts out over 14,000 new cars on the road each and every day.

Support the used spares industry and fit good used spares to your BMW, it makes rands and sense. Deal with well known internet sites who can help you find the right spares for your BMW car at the right price. BMWPOWER is a business that will help you find your new and used spares and deliver them to your front doorstep.