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Find, buy, sell, swop and advertise all your BMW spares and BMW cars through the new V8 ENGINE Classifieds. Simply click on the Spares 4 Sale button and place your ad under a category of your choice i.e. BMW Motor Spares, Stripping for Spares, Cars for Sale or Recond. Engine/Gearbox. We’re a place where the BMW brand of buyers and sellers meet to buy, sell and swop motor spares and accessories, cars and SUV’s and it’s free.

At V8 ENGINE, your safety is a concern and important to us. If you come across any ads that seem suspicious, please bring it to our attention immediately. We like getting feedback from our buyers and sellers so if you have any suggestions that will help us to improve your experience on our website, then please send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go to our Contact Us page.

If you are looking for motor spares or a motor vehicle on a classifieds website and you have done the research and you have found what you are looking for and continue to enquire about the ad placed by the seller, an internet related motoring scam is the last thing on your mind !

You respond to one or two interesting ads posted and the seller informs you that the motor parts or the vehicle is still available. You get excited and want to get on with the transaction. Stop and think for a moment, take your time and consider how you should tackle the purchase. Does the sale seem too good to be true? Is the seller being extra nice and telling you everything you want to hear? Are they hinting for upfront payment without you having seen the motor spares or the car? If so, we urge you to take extraordinary steps to reconsider the sale.

Unfortunately scammers are rife on the internet and intent on committing theft and fraud and will stop at nothing to lure their victims into well planned traps, often by one or more criminal minds. They constantly change their internet addresses, telephone numbers, physical addresses, bank accounts and even their accent, which makes it difficult to pinpoint them.

Always ask the seller for the physical address where the motor vehicle or spares are being sold from. You can type their address into Google Places and see exactly if such a place even exists! Ask them to send you a few pictures of the item being sold. Avoid meeting alone on the side of the road or in a secluded car park. Insist on meeting at a venue that you have chosen such as a police station or within a secure complex with CCTV and take somebody along who is alert that can take a clear video and/or pictures of the seller and his car and registration number plates. Insist on doing an EFT where possible, once you are satisfied with the sale and terms and conditions and avoid carrying large sums of cash with you.

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