V8 Engine Classifieds | BMW Stripping for Spares

If you have a BMW car stripping for spares and you want to advertise your motor vehicle and any good used quality spares that have been dismantled from the car, these car parts or BMW cars stripping for spares and/or cars for sale, can be successfully advertised on 'V8 Engine Classifieds'.

Our classifieds is available to all private and trade advertisers and it’s absolutely free to everyone. Simply click on the ‘Spares 4 Sale’ button and register your own user name and password and place a free classifieds ad, together with 2 quality photo’s of your BMW car you are stripping for spares and a list of the motor parts that you have available to sell.

If you are selling a BMW motor vehicle or any spares stripped from a BMW motor car, please be clear, as to the BMW series, model, year, engine size and type, gearbox or transmission and type; auto or manual and include the kilometers on the clock, if available. Describe in as much detail as possible the overall condition of the motor vehicle i.e. Interior and exterior appearance and condition. Clearly outline any damage and/or problem areas the car has such as accident damage and/or relevant repairs done, transmission or engine failure and/or repairs performed, if any. Also mention any known major service or periodic maintenance records, new parts or general restoration work that was completed on the vehicle and the mechanical workshop or auto body finishers that completed the repairs to the vehicle.

Accurate information is always 'key' to making a successful sale and gives the buyer a better sense of trust when buying or selling over the internet which should be transparent.

You can place as many ads as you want, provided your ads are specific to detail such as make, model, year and series and more importantly, all your ads must specific to each part or to a single vehicle type that you are stripping for spares. In other words, 1 advert per motor part, unless, 'stripping for spares' a list of car parts is acceptable.

Please Note: Any targeted 'business advertising' ads that are placed will not be accepted and will be removed from the listings. Only place ads that motor parts relate to specific vehicles that you are stripping for spares.

There is ‘no limit’ to the amount of ads that you can place on V8 Engines Classifieds. Terms and conditions apply. All our rights are reserved.

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