V8 ENGINE is a BMW and Land Rover Jaguar motor engineering shop that offers remanufactured engines on exchange and diagnostic servicing and mechanical repairs to all motor cars and SUV’s that are fitted with eight cylinder engines. Coupled to these engines are either the ZF or GM type transmissions of which the ZF automatic transmissions are the more popular type.

From the day you buy your new car and/or as time goes by, when you have racked up several thousands of kilometers, the time will come when you will require the professional services of a competent engineering and BMW specialist maintenance workshop to service and repair your BMW. This is when experience counts and you want ‘peace of mind’ knowing that your car is in good hands. V8 Engines is that workshop who offer all of the above and the people to contact for professional advice when buying a secondhand car and when you need quality workmanship and experienced mechanics.

It requires a special kind of person to purchase and properly maintain a 12 year old model SUV or luxury sedan that’s in good condition. Considering the cost of living and the depreciating rand it’s imperative to find a good mechanical car service centre. The range of BMW motor vehicles for sale are extensive and if you own or are considering a car or SUV for sale, make sure that when purchasing one of these gems you are aware of the basic pit falls that you should keep an eye on when you do find a suitable buy.

First impressions count, so always go for the ones that have a good interior, a well cleaned and polished paint coating free of scratches, but inspect the cars structure for signs of major collision repairs. Always take the vehicle for a long and thorough drive through town and then onto the highway, and give it stick. Sometimes it takes the engine, transmission and relative components more than an ‘around the block’ trip to show signs of problems such as oil leaks and overheating etc.

Unless you are a competent panelbeater and spraypainter or you are affiliated to such an entity then accident damaged cars with structural damage are better left out of the ‘pick of the bunch’. In our opinion you are better off going for a vehicle with relatively low kilometers on the odometer that requires attention to the engine or transmission. This is when we urge you to call us at V8 Engines for expert advice on what ‘tell tale’ signs to look out for. We will talk you through a whole host of do’s and don’ts and will also give you a rough estimate of costing to have the problem corrected before you make a purchase.

Contact Nick on 082-4400664 today for professional and expert advice.

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