When you own a V8 powered SUV, you know there’s nothing like the growl and the power of eight cylinders firing away under your bonnet. The fact is, the sound that a V8 engine emits from the engine and it's exhaust system turns heads and that’s another reason why anyone who has owned a V8 powered vehicle finds it difficult to settle for anything less.

V8 ENGINE a company which is situated in Sandton, Johannesburg that specializes in the reconditioning of V8 engines, paying particular attention to BMW X5, Range Rover Sport and Land Rover HSE naturally aspirated motors and supercharged engines on an exchange basis. V8 ENGINE has over 30 years of engineering, engine building and engine blueprinting expertise.

We have a history of success and many satisfied customers with over 100 complete V8 engine rebuilds installed on various BMW and Land Rover and Range Rover SUV’s which have been restored and re-built back to specification.

V8 ENGINE are proud and professional engine builders who have vast experience and a competent knowledge base to assess, recondition or make the necessary repairs to any standard production or modified V8 engine. Whether you require only a head- block-sump-assy or sub-assembly, (short block) or a complete reconditioned engine and installation, we are your best bet at getting a turnkey guaranteed engine fitment that leaves you with peace of mind and a safe motoring experience.

It is common knowledge that BMW and Land Rover dealerships in South Africa do not offer an engine or transmission reconditioning service such as we do. Customers are faced with either buying a used engine or gearbox from a motor scrap yard or used spares supplier or get in contact with a one stop engineering shop like V8 ENGINE Specialists.

We offer fully guaranteed exchange units and will successfully repair any damaged engine or related parts where possible, without forsaking quality or workmanship. We use OEM motor spares in conjunction with BMW and Land Rover or similar famous branded quality parts as used by BMW and Land Rover technicians worldwide. We undertake to diagnose all complex mechanical and engineering repairs and perform diagnostic fault finding, rectifying or replacing of all electrical and ECU related faults, however arising.

We are your BMW | Range Rover V8 engine specialists that will give you expert advice, quality workmanship and best interest at all times.

The BMW M62 and N62 engines are 4.4l, 4.6l, 4.8is engines and Range Rover Sport, RCBW supercharged engine, which are available, as complete head-block-sump-assy units. When the time arises and you find you are required to fit a new engine or transmission unit to your car or SUV, contact V8 ENGINE at or contact Nick on 082-4400664 for expert advice and information on your vehicle type.

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