Engine Blueprinting Part 2

Harmonic balancing or engine balancing is one of the most important engine blueprinting procedures anyone can request. Consider this option when laying out big bucks for a new Range Rover or BMW standard or street performance engine and all the new motor parts and labour costs to go with it.

An engine that has had all its relative components balanced will undoubtedly run more smoothly, dampen vibrations, rev higher, rev quicker and last longer than one which is 'out of balance' as most mass produced engines are. An engine that is badly out of balance will pound the bearings and cause engine failure in a very short period of time.

Once an engine has been removed from the vehicle and stripped the cost of harmonic balancing is relatively cheap and adds a great deal to reliability and peace of mind. At overhaul time, take the opportunity to provide yourself with an engine that is balanced.

When vehicle manufacturers set out to mass produce a new powerplant, the design engineers must first transfer their ideas into elaborate drawings that will guide the pattern makers and tooling specialists. But this is an imperfect world and not all the components that come off the production line meets the engineers exact specifications when scrutinizing takes place.

Machine tools wear and become dull, production machinery start to run untrue, gauges don’t always read properly and when these inaccuracies begin to add up the figures are far from perfect.

An assembly line in a production plant is no place for a perfectionist! The vehicle manufacturers that run these production lines are willing to accept parts that are “almost right”. These engineers have developed a reliable means of determining whether a part is “close enough” to the pattern makers specifications. Some tolerances are critical to the life expectancy of the engine and others are not that much.

Engine blueprinting is the art of 'defining tolerances to the minimum' and if you are building a new BMW or Range Rover V8 engine be sure to make time and include harmonic balancing in your budge.

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