BMW and RANGE ROVER Reconditioned V8 Engines

V8 ENGINE are engine masters that offer professionally engineered and reconditioned BMW and Range Rover V8 engines together with engine blueprinting options on all engine repairs, engine reconditioning, exchange motors and reliable engine upgrades.

We are your first choice at obtaining a quality reconditioned V8 engine for your sport utility vehicle. We offer professionally remanufactured BMW X5 M62 and N62 engines as well as ‘first generation’ Range Rover Vogue V8 M62 engines and Range Rover Sport 4.2L and 4.4L supercharged Jaguar engines.

In 2012 Land Rover replaced the Range Rover Sport V8 models with the ‘second generation’ namely the ‘L494’ Range Rover series which were fitted with Ford FoMoCo 5.0L supercharged V8 petrol engines.

No matter what BMW or Range Rover SUV you drive we can supply you with a fully reconditioned or improved performance V8 powerplant at a very affordable price.

We do not only specialize in V8 engine reconditioning but also offer supercharged engine conversions and performance modifications and upgrades to most V8 engines which includes:

1. Hydraulic to solid lifter and re-profiled camshaft upgrades for better throttle response.

2. Gas flowed intake valves and cylinder head porting for better air/fuel intake and burnt gas flow.

3. Ceramic and Teflon coatings to cast, billet and forged pistons, cylinder head combustion chambers, valves and camshafts.

4. ARP forged connecting rod bolts for superior reliability.

5. Harmonic engine component balancing which erradicates harmful vibrations.

These are a few important improvements to consider when ordering a new engine, including other engine blueprinting procedures and techniques which are available as per our recommendations for your specific engine requirements.

Building any engine with more durable engine parts as used in many performance motors such as the BMW M3 and M4 for example has many advantages as you can imagine. By incorporating some of these engine blueprinting techniques will not only enhance the lifespan of an engine but will also give improved fuel efficiency, better performance and give you peace of mind at the end of the day.

If your SUV has an engine problem, high mileage or you want to improve performance and reliability and the time has come to make plans for a replacement engine then V8 ENGINE will provide you with an in depth assessment, quotation and a quality engine built by true professionals.

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